Cafe Craftea - DIY Leather Bracelets


1. Prepare the beeswax and the hemp thread. We bought this beeswax at the Ljubljana market. It is best to put newspaper on the table you will be working at, because beeswax has a oily feel to it. In this case you will not get stains on the table.


2. Then put the pot on the stove which is set on low heat. It might take a while for the beeswax to heat but at least it will not heat to fast.This can cause the wax to burn and cloud your whole kitchen in smoke.

3. When the beeswax is melted put in the thread and mix it with a fork or wooden stick. It is best when the whole thread is covered in wax so that the wax absorbs into the thread. It is best to leave it there for max 5 min. 

  • One way is also brushing the thread with wax. This takes more time but if you need for the thread to absorb a small amount of wax this is a great solution.

4. Move the thread from the pot onto the newspaper and let it dry. To remove the excess wax run the thread through the thumb and index finger. This is one way. The other way to remove the excess beeswax is with ironing the thread.


5. You can then compare the bought thread with the bees waxed thread. The bees waxed thread is more glossy, darker and the fibers don’t stick out so much. It will also not irritate the skin because the fibers are softer.


After making the beeswax thread we have decided to use it for our Svitek and Herb jewelry because with this we support Slovenian products.




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A great way to make use of pants you don’t wear anymore

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Cafe Craftea | DIY Magnetic Phone Macro Lens
Hi! I made this super easy DIY no-sew Bow Pillow. It took me less than 15 minutes to make. Please check it out, and if you like more of these DIY please like and subscribe to my channel :) Thank you so much! Instagram: Wanderlustts

Hi! I made this super easy DIY no-sew Bow Pillow. 
It took me less than 15 minutes to make. 
Please check it out, and if you like more of these DIY please like and subscribe to my channel :) Thank you so much! 

Instagram: Wanderlustts


Step by Step: A Great way of Painting your own Mural without Knowing how to Draw


Glassware can get pretty expensive especially if you’re in college and always getting sht faced and breaking your glasses. Start just using your empty beer bottles and turning them into your new glasses. Look dope, easy to make and cheap! Follow these 5 easy steps.

Step 1 – Grab a beer bottle preferably with thick glass such as corona bottles. Tie a string just above the label on the empty bottle

Step 2 – Keep the string tied and soak it in lighter fluid.

Step 3 – Put the string back on the bottle and hold it horizontally. Light the sting rotating the bottle so the flame spreads. You should hear the bottle crack slightly in about 10 seconds.

Step 4 – After you hear the crack, pour cold water on the string and the top of the bottle will fall off.

Step 5 – Now grab sandpaper and sand the edges of the bottle till it is smooth.

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